The Online Census

Current, accurate population data ensures that your community receives maximum funds through population-based granting opportunities from Federal and Provincial governments.

The Online Census is convenient, cost-effective and can be customized to suit your needs and your budget.


  • residents receive a secure access code in the mail
  • residents answer census questions online using the secure access code
  • average survey takes less than two minutes


  • census generates current, accurate population data
  • real-time reporting and audit features ensure data accuracy and integrity
  • eliminates paper forms
  • online access reduces the number of door-to-door visits required
  • wireless devices used for door-to-door data collection
  • can be coupled with existing surveys or feedback tools
  • integrates with GIS for accurate community mapping

Specifically designed for municipal use

We will work with your municipal staff to create a package that suits your needs including low pricing, custom reports, technical support, data storage in a secure Canadian facility and device rentals with wireless access.

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